Hello beautiful people and welcome to my website! uI was driving on the way back from the shops when I was planning the new journey for my blog, but first I needed a name. I wanted it to be personal and unique. I think best when Iโ€™m driving so I decided to go for a couple more miles. Eventually, I just wanted it to be simple, I combined my favourite thing (journals) with my name.

It means a lot to me, it was the first chapter and also an ode to my childhood, where I grew up in South -East London and later Essex such experiences led me to want to become an artist. I was surrounded by such creative and inspiring people so I wanted to always create something too. Yet back then I didnโ€™t know what could be in store for someone wanting to work in the creative industries. As I got older so many more opportunities came my way, I tested the waters of several creative fields, and knew what I loved and I knew what I wanted to develop my skills in. Word of advice never feel bad for experimenting with new things, youโ€™ll eventually find what works for you and that can take you somewhere unimaginable.ย 

So when I recieved my first disposable camera or set up my first blog and wrote my first blog post, these were the stepping stones that got me to where I am today and laid the foundations for Journals Of Dami  and Visuals By J.O.D. (visualsbyjod.com)to exist. I am so grateful for whatโ€™s lead to this, the wonderful people Iโ€™ve met, the lessons Iโ€™ve learnt, environments Iโ€™ve grown in. It all helped me to develop as a person. I cannot wait to see what else is in store๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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